First i was thinking that you're ok.
Then i was thinking you're far away.
Though how i might like to get to know you better.
I just got to got to get to know you mmm much much better!
I want you!
Made up my mind and i made my plans.
I'm onto you like a hardcore fan.
I got trackers and lookouts, electronic scanners.
Got you on my mind and it's mind over manners.
I've got the inside news.
I've got the latest point of view.
I'm looking to pursue any stories that i hear of you.
Packing my bag and i'm playing my hand.
He looks to me like the promised man.
Got no time for poses.
Set my explosives.
I'm gunning for you, i got power packed motives.

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• Nazionalità: statunitense
• Sito ufficiale:

I Blondie sono un gruppo new wave statunitense, fondato da Deborah Harry e Chris Stein. Fu fondamentale nella scena punk e new wave della metà degli anni Settanta.
Nazionalità: Stati Uniti
Genere musicale: New wave
Pop rock
Album pubblicati: 26
Periodo di attività: 1975-1983
1998-in attività
Formazione gruppo:
Debbie Harry - voce (1975–1982, 1997–oggi)
Chris Stein - chitarra, basso (1975–1982, 1997–oggi)
Leigh Foxx - basso (2004–oggi; turnista: 1997-2004)
Clem Burke - batteria, percussioni, cori (1975–1982, 1997–oggi)
Matt Katz-Bohen – tastiera, pianoforte, organo (2008–oggi)
Tommy Kessler – chitarra ritmica (2010–oggi)


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